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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Talk about bad luck!

Ok, so I get this email with an update on 48Hours 2006, and I see this.
"C4 ARE HOSTING THE LIVE TV FINAL where the winners from each city compete against Peter Jackson's Wildcard selections. The Live Televised final is at 8.30pm on June 23rd. Write it in your diary now!"

Now all of us are school students, and all of us are going to a school ball, which as fate would have it, is on June 23. ARGH!!! I suppose we will cross that bridge if it comes, as we will only be needed if we are a finalist. Here's to hoping that we win, but also that we don't win! Just kidding! We're hoping to win. We could just do what they do at the oscar ad hve a pre recorded acceptance speech. I best be off. Another day lurks around the corner.

UPDATE 1: Well well well. Just looked at the school calendar and I see that Major and Marsden have their house chapel service on the Sunday morning! ARGH!!!! Mabye this is a sign. Who cares! We'll beat all the odds!

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Anonymous Tedious Toad said...

I want your babies.

11:36 AM

Anonymous Sahil said...

I want tedious toad's babies.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wot the hell

12:39 PM


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