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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 2 summary

Finally finished the script at 3:30am, then slept for 3 hours. Fun! Woke up and picked up our main actress from the city after having a nice caffine based drink at Starbucks at around 8am, then had a lovely breakfast at Subway, before someone shoved Mayo under the handle of the Ka. O well, life goes on. Filmed for the morning at Bomac labrotories then moved to King's College for the other 3 scenes. Had a bit of a technological failure at King's, but I shall not talk about it till after as it may spoil our surprise. Editing shall start tomorrow and hopefully go well. Cannot edit overnight unfortunately due to school security issues but hopefully we should be completed and at the end by 7:10pm. Here's for faith!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened on day 3?

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