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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 3 Summary

Well it's all over now! Our day started with a large horror story, when we were locked ot of the media room due to a small technicality. In the end, it got down to a breakdown of communication. In the end we got in 30 minutes after we would've liked to be in there. So we start up Final Cut Pro and discver that a few of the tapes we uploaded the night before were not on the computer. So after having a few problems uploading, we ended up with all the tapes on the computer. Now time for editing or so we think, as the media room is attached to the hall, and for our house music competition, there was a practice in there. We could edit and upload find during that practice, but after the practice, some individuals had a jam session, which was VERY noisy. Finally we negotiated with them that they had to be silent by 2pm. We managed to edit a bit during that time, but at 2pm, we finally got in to it. Editing like mad to get a decent film, we struggled with clips, sound (one sound clip we put it in and it was perfectly timed first time, YEA!!) and finally at 6pm, we were nearly done. All we had to do was add titles and credits and add even a small voiceover fo Robin (who was the computer software) so we could have he line, "That's what I'm talking about". And no-one knew how to add titles and credits. Stress level=HIGH We had to leave at 6:20 at the latest to get it in on time. We got credits in after working it out using the User's Manual, and at 6:15, we were exporting to tape. In the car at 6:22, shoot off down the motorway, handed in the film with 12 minutes to spare. Got back to Otahuhu to pack up and clean up. Were out by 8:30pm. I'm just so glad I don't haev to stress anymore! Thanks to everyone involved, you made it an amazing experience!

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