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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reviews of 'Upgrade'

Here are the reviews of our movie.

Happy Face Films - Upgrade (Sci-Fi; late) 2/5
A woman has an artificial intelligence system running her life. It's like a cross between HAL, the interweb and a sentient blue screen of death. Eventually it crashes and a man explains that it's ruining her life. Gunshots are fired and the software is upgraded.
Reviewed by "robyn"

Upgrade (Sci-Fi) by Happy Face Films (Late entry)
An evil software corporation is producing Robin Slade, a programme so indispensable it is robbing people of their individuality and independence. An interesting concept, but the execution left something to be desired.
Script: *** Acting: ** Required Elements: ** Production Values: **
Overall Grade:
Reviewed by "godfather"

I asked godfather what our overall grade was, as it was not included.

Godfather's response:

"Oh, whoops, sorry. That was bound to happen eventually. I'm afraid I don't think I would have gone higher than C+, just because the runnig time just didn't seem to be long enough to fit in enough of the complexities of the plot to really sell the central concept. Other than the fact that the software company were killing people, it was hard to see what was so inherently evil about Robin Slade. It had the potential to be a pretty good cautionary tale about general overdependence on technology, but thinly-veiled anti-Microsoft stories don't make especially good watching (have you seen Antitrust?). "

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