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Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Intro

Well seeing the others have done an intro, I think I had better do one.
*Stands Up*
My name's Edward, and... and...*sob*.. I'm a director!
But in all seriousness, my name is Edward, Swifty to most and sometimes SwiftyCent at school (I still don't know how that came up), and I am the producer and director for Happy Face Films. I started HFF up for 48Hours, as my brother from did 48Hours last year and suggested I did it this year. So here I am, now leading this group of individuals, to make the best movie we can make! Good luck to everyone, and as Mr Barclay would say, "Go Well!"

Happy Face Films
Smile Dammit!

p.s. Keep an eye out for our official cast and crew announcement!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Msg From 'Jacko'

Hi All

I've just joined.
Swifty's got me to be sound tech and alround good guy. Fun eh :)!

Any way looking forward to comp. Go Hard.

'Jacko' Jackson
Happy Face Films
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Friday, April 28, 2006

What is 48Hours?

We;ve had quite a few questions, asking, "What is 48Hours?"

This has been taken from the 48Hours website

"48Hours is officially NZ's largest film competition. When it comes to shooting movies no one quite does it like 48HOURS. Past winners/competitors have gone on to make features and direct TV series – will you be the next?

"This is the most intense film school on the planet and is seriously challenging for first timers right through to experienced directors.

"The weekend 48Hours takes place each year is responsible for: equipment/rental facilities selling out, actors suddenly cancelling commercials, celebrity friends being abused, broken bones, relationships ending, moments of pure ecstasy, absolute exhaustion, extreme bonding, mountains of fun, production gear disappearing, freakouts, office spaces destroyed and more digital filmmaking genius than a 1000 monkeys could shake sticks at.

"The competition started in 2003 with 44 teams in Auckland only. The following year it grew to 80 teams in Auckland and 45 teams in Wellington. In 2005 the competition became a truly national competition with Christchurch and Dunedin joining the chaos and 270 entering the competition. Even Peter Jackson joined the fun as a Judge with big pockets.

"Teams have just 48 hours to create an entire short film – this means writing, shooting and editing – or die trying. Shorts are then seen in cinemas and judged by a huge appreciative audience. The top 8-12 from each city are chosen by a panel of judges to compete in their city's final. And then, the best short from each city competes in a live TV National Final on C4.
So... are you ready? Hurry up and sign up for one weekend you'll never forget.

"Hundreds of teams compete.
Hundreds of thousands watch.

So that's 48Hours in a big-ish nutshell!

Happy Face Films
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Thursday, April 27, 2006


just making a post for the sake of it, i will follow sams example
im phoebe, im 16, i go to st cuths
not sure of my position yet. (perhaps an extra would be a good debut for my acting career....... =P)
*cheesy grin*
Happy Face Films
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Sara is ur idol

Hey everyone!

Well this is exciting! So what we doing it on or don't we know????

Happy Face Films
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Hi all

Hi all,
I made the first post :D (apart from Swift) :(

But a bit about me

I'm Sam, go to King's College age 17
I think i'm the scriptwriter however I haven't got a creative bone in my body so no promises i'll produce anything good.


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Welcome to the official blog (weblog for those mature unversity students) of Happy Face Films. We're a small group of secondary school students entering 48Hours 2006 in Auckland on the26-28 of May. Keep an eye out here to find out more about our cast and crew, plus the dramas before, during and after the competiton

From Swifty
Happy Face Films
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